Term of User Agreement

Before using all the functions of this system, please read and understand this statement carefully. You can choose not to use this system, but if you use this system, your use will be regarded as an endorsement of the entire contents of this statement.

1. Contents, Effectiveness, and Changes of this Agreement

The content of this agreement includes the body of the agreement and all kinds of rules that this APP has published or may release in the future. All rules are an integral part of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement. After you click the “I have read and agree to this APP user agreement and legal agreement” button, this agreement will become effective and have binding on both parties.

As long as you use this APP platform service, this agreement will be binding on you. At that time, you may not claim that this agreement is invalid or request to cancel this agreement ,because of you don’t reading the contents of this agreement or don’t get answers to your inquiries from this APP. You confirm that the terms of this agreement are the contracts that deal with the rights and obligations of both parties and are always valid. If there are other mandatory provisions in the law or special agreements between the two parties, the provisions shall be followed. You promise to accept and abide by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with this agreement, you should immediately stop the registration process or stop using the APP platform services. This APP has the right to formulate and modify this agreement or various rules from time to time according to the needs, and publicize it on this APP platform without separately notifying users. Once the changed agreement and rules are published online, they will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop using the APP platform services. If you continue to use the services of this platform, it means that you accept the revised agreement and rules.

2. Eligibility

Eligible users must be natural persons、artificial person、or other organizations with statutory corresponding rights and behaviors, be able to independently bear legal responsibility, and users must be the legal owners of the devices using this APP. When you complete the registration process or actually use this APP function, it is considered that you confirm that you have the subject qualification, can independently assume legal responsibility, and promise that you are indeed the legal owner of the device. If you do not have the eligibility to use, all consequences caused by you and your guardian shall bear your own responsibility.

2.1 When the user chooses to register an account in this APP, the user should provide the registration information to the site in good faith. The user agrees that the registration information provided by the user is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective. If the user registration information changes, the user should update it in time register information. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, or detailed, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom, and this APP reserves the right to terminate the user’s use of the services of this platform.

2.2 When a registered user or an unregistered user (guest login user) browses and other activities in this APP, if the user’s real name/name, correspondence address, contact phone number, e-mail address and other private information are involved, this site will be kept strictly confidential unless Obtained by the user’s authorization or otherwise provided by law, this site will not disclose user privacy information to the outside world.

3. Account

3.1 You should save and use your member name and password carefully and reasonably, and should be responsible for the actions implemented through your member name and password. Unless there are legal provisions or judicial rulings, and the consent of this APP is obtained, the member name and password shall not be transferred, gifted or inherited in any way.

3.2 The user shall not lend the account in this APP to others for use, otherwise the user shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom and bear joint and several liability with the actual user.

3.3 If you find any illegal use or other circumstances that may endanger the security of your account, you should immediately notify this APP in an effective way to request the suspension of related services and report the case to the public security organ. You understand that this APP takes a reasonable time to take action on your request, and this APP shall not be liable for any consequences (including but not limited to any loss to you) that have occurred before taking action.

4. Reasonable use of user information

4.1You agree that this APP platform has the right to send information and other notification information to users registered on this site by mail, SMS, and other forms.

4.2 You understand and agree that this APP has the right to provide the necessary information you fill in this APP platform at the request of the national judicial and administrative authorities.

5. Disclaimer

This APP only provides services for users who ensure that they are the legal owners of the devices. However, because of APP cannot identify whether your conditions are legal, this system does not assume any legal responsibility for the results of the user’s own use of the APP function. All disputes are not related to this platform, please protect their rights and interests through legal channels.